PM2.5 and PM10 Dust and Particle Count (bushfire smoke testing)
Mould and ‘Bioburden’ in buildings and HVAC systems
Diesel particulate testing (DPM) – airport and high traffic areas
Moisture content and moisture mapping in building materials (using water meters and infrared cameras)
Temperature, Relative Humidity, Co2 and CO 
VOC testing- chemical and industrial 
Bacteria (fecal testing)

Recent events such as bushfires have put occupants at risk and we work with building and facility managers to reduce exposure for their tenants and provide plans for remediation or reinstatement where required. In extraordinary cases such as the recent fires, Facility Managers will be able to identify differences between indoor and outdoor air quality in real time, identifying that they are providing a ‘best practice’ approach to clients. 

Many of the hazards that contribute to ’sick building syndrome’ are often hidden and undetectable without the appropriate training and tools to determine where the issues are. Once these issues are located,  IAQ Projects can manage the process from start to finish to ensure that building managers are provided with work that is above standard and completed in a timely manner. 

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